22 Oktober 2011

Give me more time..

Curcol yee.. hehe.. *English edition* =P

Hey all..
Maybe you often think.. "Where is CiChan?" when AOG time.. or maybe not..
And suddenly you see me with my boy sit together..
It doesn't my intent to get "far" away from all of you..
It just my willing and happiness to be by his side.. 
And automatically make my time with you less than before..
I didn't realize that this condition can make such misunderstanding that i didn't want to be together with you because of him..
I'm new in this condition, so don't push me too hard to be like before i had him, together with you enjoying the service..
Because there is special feeling that i can hear the sermon together with him..
I know that you didn't have bad intent to me, but i feel so sad when you misunderstanding me..
Let me learn to be better.. i just need more time..
I'm sorry if anything i said were wrong.. this is my honest feeling..
I <3 u Pamperz.. :)

2 komentar:

  1. same with me, i m have a propblem with something called "time"
    flasback here http://lunaticmonster.wordpress.com/

  2. Woow.. i didn't realize that someone could leave a comment here..
    How did u find this blog? haha..
    Anyway, thx for leaving such a 'care'.. :)